Sensible but quiet voices in Northern Ireland

First time I’ve heard Linda Ervine interviewed.  Really worth a listen – she talks about the controversy over the Irish language. Has anyone talked to her about running for office?  I have to hope and believe many unionists think like her.  Both unionism and nationalism are valid aspirations.  Let’s hope that the middle rises and the youth of Northern Ireland will soon be in leadership positions!  I remember a time, when I worked for Senator Kennedy, that I was meeting with David Ervine.  We got on the elevator in the Senate Dirksen building and a woman got on, heard us speaking, looked at David and said, “You’re Irish” in a way that was more statement than question.  David smiled and said, “I am.”  

About Trina Vargo

Trina Vargo created the US-Ireland Alliance in 1998 after having served for eleven years as a Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Working directly with political leaders in Northern Ireland, the Clinton Administration, and the Irish Government, she served as a key behind-the-scenes player in the Northern Ireland peace process. She created the George J. Mitchell Scholarship program and the Oscar Wilde Awards which honor the Irish in entertainment. Views are her own.
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